Belgium Beerbrand – 500ml – 43% vol. – Gift box with glass

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Beer brandy – a distillate of beer – is a spirit like whiskey, with an additional beer flavor. Beer brandy was at the root of old gin. Made from renowned abbey beer, and aged for 13 months in limousin oak barrels. Afterwards finished in a Cameo Red vermouth barrel.

Packaged in a unique gift box, with matching tasting glass.

Belgium Beerbrand ‘Single Cask 41’ – 500ml – 43% vol.

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Sterkstokers modernizes “Beerbrand,” the whiskey of the low countries.


Beer Fire: By distilling beer, we create a spirit similar to whiskey but with an additional beer flavor. Beer brandy was the basis of old Gin. In the Low Countries, there are still few of us who distill this product.

At least one difference between beer brandy and whiskey is the recipe. Whisky may contain only grains, and beer brandy may contain only beer, that is, with hops and other spices in it. A more important difference is fermentation. Whisky, as a matter of principle, is not a “pure fermentation.” It is done in open tanks, and uses wild yeasts that infect the mash. Pollution creates other flavors. Because spirits always evaporate and condense first, there is no danger of infection. These extra flavors often need to mature before they are delicious. This “esterification” is a slow process and takes years. The “dirtier” the longer it takes, and the tastier….

Belgians, in addition, are masters at making beer. Here, purity is a must. We became specialists in getting the beer into a bottle. Then when we “put out” beer, distill it, we start purer, and our distillate is purer, so it has to age for a shorter time to become tasty.

Turn a setback into an opportunity: During the corona, we received quite a few offers from brewers to incorporate their beer. Nice beer that threatened to expire. First, we used these residual streams to produce disinfecting alcohol. When the demand for this decreased, we tested the beer to distill beer brandy with it. We then aged this beer brandy in oak barrels.

Enjoyable, sustainable: We are beyond grateful that we were able to give more than 45,000 liters (you can literally swim in this) of delicious Belgian brown beer a second life. It is traditionally brewed with 100% natural ingredients such as malt, hops and fresh yeast.

Limited Edition: After many rounds of testing, we found a well-balanced distillery curve. Each batch has a unique flavor, made from unique Belgian beer.

Experimental series: The taste of roasted malt and caramel is remarkable, to say the least. Second, accents of fruit appear. In the aftertaste, you recognize hops. As with whiskey, we started “fining” in different types of barrels. We experiment with vermouth, rum and peated whiskey barrels. Each barrel provides its own accents. Reinventing a classic allows you to enjoy it as they did in the past.

Time: At Sterkstokers, we keep a close eye on it. But with our Beer Fire, we take our time. The oak barrels give a balanced flavor to this rare product. At regular intervals, our team tastes different batches and decides to bottle a barrel.

Perfect serve:

  • Invite your friends
  • Pour the beer brandy into a glass
  • Set yourself at an open fire
  • Drink and enjoy the pure taste!

Belgium Beerbrand ‘‘Single Cask 41’ – 500 ml – 43% vol.

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500 ml

Alcohol content

43% vol.


Series 1: Single Cask '37 SOLD OUT, Series 2: Single Cask '36 SOLD OUT, Series 3: Single Cask '37 SOLD OUT, Series 4: Single Cask '41

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