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Why would you want your own gin, vermouth, elixir, rum, jenever, vodka, whisky, brandy?

  • As a new brand on the market. Have you been toying with a concept and would you like some help in finalising it?
  • As a promotional gift for companies. Getting a gift is fun, giving a gift you made yourself is even more fun. Your own spirits become a unique gift and a means to propagate the core values of your company.
  • For events: give your event the necessary lustre and serve your visitors your own spirits!
  • For a good cause: convince us, and we’ll take away all financial risks so you and your team can focus on the sale and return for a good cause. Guaranteed return!
  • Clubs can always use means for their operation. A tested formula of selling your own gin will undoubtedly contribute to that.
  • The hospitality industry: surprise your guests with a house cocktail made from spirits you created yourself! Nothing can top that! Give your clients this experience.
  • As a regional product: support the ownness of your region. Together we’ll make your unique drink with ingredients from your own region.
  • Co-branding: Do you have a brand in a different industry? For example, a clothing brand, a software company? It’s a double match if you also offer gin of the same brand.

Extra: making your own product is also just fun and interesting. You contribute to the entire process and that’s an experience in itself!

Your own, unique recipe

Not just your own label but your own recipe as well. To this end, we invite you and your team to our tasting room to compose your own recipe from scratch. You choose the character, the ingredients and the design. Your input and inspiration ensure that we always come to a unique recipe.


Challenge us,

because we like be challenged. Do you want spirits with onion, turnips or pumpkin? Does the drink have to exude the core values of your company?
We’ve, for example, distilled the grass of the centre spot of a top football team.
We’ve numerous inspiring and tasty examples in our tasting room.


Small batches:

We work with batches from 60 to … bottles.


Step-by-step plan own gin:

  1. Call for more info, so that we can see if we can help you with your project(10 min). If there’s a click, we make an appointment at the distillery.
  2. If you require special botanicals, we’ll test in advance how we can distil these.
  3. Visit to distillery for inspiration, finalising the concept and recipe (approximately 2 to 3 hours)
  4. Evaluation of the recipe after 7 days. (redo, if necessary)
  5. Designing and printing the label
  6. Bottle recipe

GIFTS with impact

10 reasons for given the perfect end-of-year gift

  1. It’s a personal gift. Nothing beats giving a bottle and telling the story how your team has made it.
  2. Your team will be involved from the beginning and will be even more enthusiastic to deliver the gift.
  3. It’s a unique
  4. It’s a gift that you can come back to later . “Was it good?”
  5. You’re instantly in the client’s ‘good’ place. A bottle of alcohol is always ‘reward’, a ‘joy’.
  6. It is a gift people talk about.Perhaps it’ll even be newsworthy enough to be published.
  7. You have to work for it… Yes, coming to our distillery for a degustation is hard work.
  8. It’s good for the team spirit. You’ll be amazed at how many hidden talents you can address in your team if they’re willing to put in the effort.
  9. It gets you higher returns. It’s easy to link it to a promotion. “Spend another €100 and receive this beautiful bottle…”
  10. You know what you’re drinking when you have something to celebrate. After all, you know what’s in it.

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