Love Potion – Gin – 38% vol.


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Long live love!

Love Potion – Gin – 700 ml & 50ml – 38% vol.

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Long live love!

We carefully chose, with the help of Cupid, soft and passionate ingredients. Piece by piece, these flavorings make for a gin where falling in love makes sense.


Juniper, roses, hibiscus and pomegranate provide a distinctly fruity and sweet character, while paradise seed protects the balance of the flavor palette. Pink pepper, Japanese sansho and wormwood provide the passionate spice in the finish.

Perfect serve

A loveley gin tonic

  • 6cl Love Potion
  • 12cl Pink Pepper Tonic
  • Finish with ice cream and chili strings

The passionate Gin Fizz

  • 5cl. Love Potion
  • 10cl. Sparkling water
  • 3cl. Fresh lemon juice
  • 2tl. powdered sugar
  • Finish with ice

Love Potion – Gin – 700 ml & 50ml – 38% vol.

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700ml, 50ml

Alcohol content

38% vol.

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