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Visit our distillery

Discover how our various liquors are distilled, how we process ingredients and semi-finished products and taste our delicious creations.

You can visit our distillery in different ways.

  • Tour with degustation, for private persons, clubs and companies.
  • Host for events: Do you want to invite your clients and are you looking for an inspirational location? Entice your (prospective) clients by giving your company presentation in a distillery.
  • Make your own gin: even if you only want a limited number of bottles we have a formula for you to make your own gin. This can be done for company teambuilding sessions or for private persons.
  • If you want a customized visit, please e-mail your question to lorenz@sterkstokers.be.

Group Degustation

Enjoy a relaxed and informative degustation in our charming distillery in Hoogstraten. We’ll show you the steps for producing Sterkstokers’ gins, vermouths, whisky, rum and elixirs. We’ll explain to you how alcohol was distilled in the old days and how it’s distilled now, how elixirs are made, what the difference is between whisky, jenever, gin… You taste, feel and smell our ingredients, macerates and distillates and you get to know a selection of the herbs we use in our liquors.

You will get a degustation and will taste liquors, including our range of gin, vermouth, jenever, elixir & rum. At the end of the degustation we’ll have a cocktail waiting for you.

Price: a minimum of €120 per group. If there are groups of 18 persons or more, the price is €7 per person. 

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours.

Minimum age for the degustation is 18. Young people are, however, welcome.

Company Event

Our charming distillery is also ideal for companies wanting to organise presentations at an original and beautiful location. Our distillery is the perfect frame for product presentations, network events …
Welcome your clients in a relaxed atmosphere. We will briefly introduce our distillery and take care of appropriate, tailor-made cocktails for your clients and event.

Open degustations:

Individuals can, periodically, join a group so that they too can enjoy a degustation. Follow us on facebook and stay up-to-date with the next dates.

Open distillery days:

Sterkstokers is quite proud of its products which is why we regularly open our doors for visitors. Check facebook page and stay up-to-date.

Workshop “Make your own gin” (private persons and smaller batches)

Join us
You will get a group tour around our distillery and get to work with your team to make your own gin under our guidance. Perfect as a birthday present, teambuilding …

Booking is required.


During a session of approximately 3 hours we will teach you the principles of good gin-production. Under the guidance of our experienced distiller we will get to work in a group of no more than 10 persons. The starting point are the separately distilled herbs and fruits we have collected and distilled into esprits. We will blend these into the flavour you want: we’ll be experimenting and tasting until we have a finished, unique recipe which is totally to your satisfaction! When the recipe is to your liking, we’ll taste it in a gin-tonic combination.

Because we have an ever increasing library of esprits and macerates, the possibilities are endless. We like to be challenged by new flavours. If you have an idea/flavour you can let us know beforehand. If it’s a new ingredient we can get to work beforehand to achieve the perfect distilling curve and method.


We then bottle 10 bottles of 700 ml. (or 14 bottles of 500 ml.)which you can take home. Ordering extra bottles is definitely a possibility.

Personalized labels are not included. The product, bottle, cork or screw cap and the shrink capsule are.


The price of the session and the bottles of gin is: €800 inclusive of VAT.

An extra order of your own gin recipe is also possible:

  • bottle 700 ml./a piece: €34 inclusive of VAT.
  • bottle 500 ml./a piece: €29 inclusive of VAT.

Our cocktails at your party

Sterkstokers gives your party just that little bit more. Our team of experienced bartenders serves tailor-made cocktails at any party or event. We take care of cocktails from A to Z. Each cocktail is prepared full of passion and experience by the charming cocktail bar we bring along. Our artisanal top drinks combined with qualitative mixers, fitted with a matching glass and finished with ice and appropriate botanicals.

For a tailor-made quote and more info: e-mail karin@sterkstokers.be or contact our staff.
Which info do we need from you? An estimate of the number of persons or the number of cocktails you want served & when and how long you’d like our cocktail bar at your party or event.

See you soon, cheers!

A selection of our cocktails

You can choose from several delicious cocktails tailor-made for your party, served by our experienced, creative bartenders. A selection of our cocktails:

  • Thomas Gin Tonic: Thomas Gin no. 21 in combination with Premium pink pepper or Indian tonic
  • Indian Summer: Antwerp Elixirke in combination with fresh orange juice
  • Dark & Stormy: Jack Fox, single cask dark rum in combination with premium ginger beer & fresh lime juice
  • Moscow Mule: Katinka vodka in combination with ginger beer and fresh lime juice

If you have any suggestions of your own, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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