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GINOO – 700ml – 0,0% vol

Our award winning gin with 0,0% alcohol!



At Sterkstokers, we always think ‘out of the box’.

As food technologists, we had to combine different techniques such as fermentation without alcohol and distillation in both classic and modern ways. We searched for two years and only last summer did we achieve a breakthrough with the latest insights. Vacuum distillation allowed us to reduce the boiling point of water to 60°C.


33 Botanicals:

Our botanicals come from all over the world. And from our garden. From dandelions, sage and thyme to pimento, wormwood, saffron, bergamot and more. The selection was one of the most difficult choices. By experimenting, we discovered which herbs contribute best to the intense flavour, even without alcohol.

Mandarin peels are roasted and dried. So that the chaos transforms nicely into a balance of fruitiness and bitterness. From the iris, we use the dried roots. They provide the ‘body’ in our spirit.

0.0% alcohol:

We finish our production process without alcohol. Alcohol gives the needed kick and, with herbs and a classic distillation process, form new aromas. We include juniper berries, which we usually don’t like when dried but that form a deliciously colourful bouquet after distillation. Without alcohol and with flavour!

0.0% sugar:

Distillation removes all the sugar. And we don’t think it needs to be added afterwards. No extra calories.

Perfect Serve

Gin-Tonic BOB / 0.0% alcohol

  • 5 cl GINOO
  • 10 cl Schweppes Tonic Pink Pepper
  • Finish with ice, pomegranate seeds and a slice of mandarin

Gin-Tonic BOBETTE / 0.0% alcohol & 0 calories

  • 5 cl GINOO
  • 10 cl Schweppes Tonic Hibiscus
  • Finish with ice, a slice of mandarin and some raspberries
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