Tasting boxGin Tasting Box

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The Sterkstokers Gin Tasting Box introduces you to the subtle world of flavour. Make one of our iconic ‘Perfect Serves’ or create a cocktail of your own!

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The Sterkstokers Gin Tasting Box contains 5 different spirits, including Thomas Gin, Jack Fox Rum, Cameo Vermouth, Love Potion Gin and Antwerps Elixirke. Together with our tasting glass and two tonics, these spirits are perfect for tasting, both pure and in cocktails.


  • Thomas Gin (50ml)
  • Jack Fox Rum (50 ml)
  • Cameo Vermouth (50 ml)
  • Love Potion Gin (50 ml)
  • Antwerps Elixirke (50 ml) 2 bottles of tonic
  • Tasting glass
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