Cameo VermouthSterkstokers ClassicCameo Vermouth nr 17

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Cameo White Vermouth nr 17 – 500ml – 18% vol

Perfect to serve on the rocks!


The Cameo Vermouth no.17 is artisanally crafted with great passion in our distillery in the Kempen in Antwerp.


Iris root, cinnamon, dandelion and a secret wormwood have been added to our carefully chosen wine. This releases an explosion of both sweet and bitter aromas during the tasting.

Ideal for drinking on the rocks but also delicious in your favourite cocktail is the Cameo Vermouth no.17. Belgian vermouth of a gourmet level!

Perfect Serve

  • 6cl Cameo Vermouth no.17
  • 9cl Premium Mediterranean Tonic
  • Juniper Berry
  • Green Apple Ice

500 ml – 18% vol.

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