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GINOO. It's a revelation

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33 Botanicals

Our botanicals are coming from both our local garden as from around the world: dandelion, sage, thyme, sagebrush, saffron, bergamot… The selection was the hardest choice. By experimenting, we discovered which herbs could contribute without adding alcohol.

0.0% Alcohol

At the end of the production process, our GINOO is a non-alcoholic spirit: 0.0% alcohol. Alcohol gives a certain kind of spiciness and in combination with other herbs, it creates new flavours. A classic example is juniper berry: when it’s distilled, the harshness transforms into a well-balanced gaily flavour. In our distillation proces, we isolate our flavours without the alcohol: 0.0% alcohol.

0.0% Sugar

With the technique of distilling, the natural sugars of the herbs aren’t in the distilled flavour. We don’t think we need to add some afterwards, which means no extra calories in the GINOO.

Mandarin & Iris root

First, we roast Mandarin peels and let them dry afterwards, thus the harshness of the peels transform into a balanced flavour with both fruitiness and bitterness. Iris roots are used to create a rich body in the GINOO.

Vacuum distillation

At Sterkstokers, we always think “out off the box”. As nutrionists we had to combine various techniques of classic maceration and distilation.  Fermenting without alcohol and distilling in a classic way, but also with our vacuum still. It took two years of experimenting. last summer, we had a breaktrough with the newest insights. When distilling in a vacuum still, we could lower the boilijg point of water to 60°C.

Imperfection as art

To get perfect clear glas, around 70% of the produced bottles are melted again due to mistakes in the bottles. To us, these mistakes -bubbles- are part of the concept of the GINOO, as tache de beauté. Moreover, we save 45% of energy costs in our bottles.

100% recycled glass

It’s unique to use clear glass which is 100 procent recycled. To glas producers, brightness stands for high quality and recycling glas was not done. The blue colour of the glas is cool and our non-alcoholic spirit is also packet perfectly.

The DNA of Sterkstokers

Key-words of Sterkstokers are small-batch productions and craftmanship: starting with these values, we can create new recipes. Our clients challenge us with new herbs, techniques and more. These challenges are part of our DNA and essential in the GINOO.

Perfect Serves

Gin-Tonic BOB / 0.0% alcohol

– 5 cl. GINOO
– 10 cl. Schweppes Tonic Pink Pepper
– Finish with ice, pomegranate and a slice of mandarin

Gin-Tonic BOBETTE / 0.0% alcohol & 0 calories

– 5 cl. GINOO
– 10 cl. Schweppes Tonic Hibiscus
– Finish with ice, juniper berries and raspberries

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